Two Harbours Walk



5.5km – Out & back – Moderate

Explore this 5.5-kilometer out-and-back trail near St. Francis Bay, Eastern Cape, known for its moderate level of challenge. Typically taking around 1 hour and 8 minutes to complete, this trail is favored by birding enthusiasts, anglers, and runners. It also offers moments of peaceful solitude during less crowded hours, making it a versatile year-round destination

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along a picturesque stretch of coastline, traversing rocks, sandy paths, and pristine beaches. This trail connects the Port harbor to the historic NSRI harbor at Granny’s Pool. If you prefer a one-way walk, you can conveniently park one vehicle at the Port car park and another at Bruce’s. Begin your journey by crossing the grassy area, with a small beach to your right, and look for the sign marking the start of the Two Harbours walk. Follow the well-marked path where coastal vegetation meets the rocky shoreline, guided by signs and arrows that will lead you all the way to the finish at Granny’s Pool and Bruce’s Ocean Café. Keep an eye out for cyclists during the last 300 meters of your walk.



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