Three Rondavels Viewpoint


This is the area’s highlight, with a staggering view of these enormous rounds of rock, their pointed, grassy tops resembling giant huts carved into the side of the canyon. This is an easy trail along the dramatic cliffs overlooking the 3 Rondavels and the Blyde River Canyon

The Three Rondavels are a remarkable natural wonder in South Africa, located in the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve. These three towering, rounded rock formations, resembling traditional African huts called “rondavels,” stand as silent sentinels against the backdrop of the vast canyon. Carved by centuries of erosion and shaped by the elements, these geological marvels offer breathtaking panoramic views of the canyon and its lush, verdant surroundings. With their awe-inspiring beauty and rich cultural significance, the Three Rondavels are a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to experience the sheer grandeur of nature in South Africa.



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