Sporekrans Hiking Trail



Day 1 – 12km
Day 2 – 4.5km



The name says it all.  On this overnight trail a wide variety, of up to 17 game species and various bird life, roaming the immaculate fields and mountains at Bergdeel Private Nature reserve, welcomes you.  Nestled in the heart of the Witteberge with its dense bushes and mountain streams, this is a trail that will revitalize your soul.

On the first day (12 km) the trail starts off with a beautiful wood bridge under a sandstone cliff and then passes the rare Bald Ibis’s breeding spot.  You then enter “Stinkhout Kloof” completely surrounded by White-stinkwood trees where the trail leads to “Marriage Corner”, a romantic resting place.  Further on, Caracals ladder takes you up to Angel’s Height, God’s little finger and the Bushmen’s Baths.  At midday the hiker can cool off at the Mermaids pools, a highlight to look forward to.  The day ends off in Bushmen’s Cave where the ancient Bushmen’s presence can be felt, and the turmoil of city life is forgotten.  Water is available in rainy season but take enough water along.  The second day (4.5 km) takes you deeper into the reserve with lots of surprises installed for you.  A visit is an absolute must and an experience that cannot easily be matched.



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