Somabula Nature Reserve



3km – Celtis Route – Moderate
7km – Acaci Route – Moderate
12km – Protea Route – Moderate


Ideally situated for weekend getaways, only one hour from Johannesburg and 40 minutes from Pretoria, the reserve boasts a wide variety of antelope as well as giraffe, zebra and wildebeest and an abundance of birdlife.

Three hiking routes traversing rocky highveld grassland and bushveld of 3, 7 & 12kms, although visitors are welcome to walk anywhere on the reserve.

To date, fifty species of mammals have been recorded on the reserve ranging in size from Giraffe to the pygmy mouse weighing in at just six grams!

A number of antelope species can be seen during drives and walks on the reserve. Although many of the smaller nocturnal mammals are shy and difficult to observe, tracks and signs give away their presence and can be seen virtually anywhere if one looks closely. Somabula Nature Reserve is well known for its howling jackals which may be heard at just about any time of the day but most often in the early evening. Visitors are advised to pack away all food items before leaving your accommodation, as Vervet monkeys may become problematic.

Day Visitors – Hiking/Self-Drive
(By Reservation Only)
R 50.00 per person, per day



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