Secunda Trail



9.8km – Loop – Moderate

Embark on an exhilarating 9.8-kilometer loop trail nestled near Secunda, Mpumalanga, tailored for trail runners seeking an invigorating challenge. Generally recognized as a moderately challenging route, completing it typically takes around 2 hours and 12 minutes.

Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Secunda, Mpumalanga, the Secunda Hiking and Running Trail beckons outdoor enthusiasts to discover the natural beauty and adventure that this South African region has to offer. With its diverse network of trails, this destination caters to both hikers and runners, offering an array of experiences, from leisurely strolls to exhilarating runs. Whether you’re seeking a serene escape into nature or an invigorating workout amidst stunning surroundings, the Secunda Hiking and Running Trail promises a captivating journey through the heart of Mpumalanga’s scenic wonders, making it a must-visit for those looking to explore the great outdoors.



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