Rosemary Hill



5km – Moderate (Hiking & Running)
11km – Moderate (Hiking & Running)
1km – Easy (Cycling)
33km – Moderate (Cycling)


Welcome to Rosemary Hill, a captivating estate where the wonders of nature beckon, inviting you to reconnect, rejuvenate, and embrace the beauty of farm life.

Hikers can enjoy the 5km or 11km routes!

Our trails comprise mostly single track with some jeep track and occasional paved areas.

The routes are laid out as a tour through the farm and we have introduced some man-made obstacles to keep things interesting. Perfect for taking the dogs for some exercise or a stroll through the farm with your children! Please remember to keep your doggies on a leash at all times and kindly pick up after them.

Adult Day Pass: R45. Pensioners/Children (Under 18) Day Pass: R35. Doggies walk for free.

Get your 2023 year pass at the coffee shop: R360 per adult and R240 per child and/or pensioner.

Trail Operating Hours: 7 days a week from 6am to 5pm in Winter and 6pm in Summer.



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