Rocky Bay Resorts



12km – Track – Easy (Cycling)
9km – Track – Moderate (Cycling)
19km – Track – Moderate (Cycling)
40km – Track – Hard (Cycling)
4km – Track – Easy (Running)
6km – Track – Moderate (Running)
8km – Track – Moderate (Running)
10km – Track – Moderate (Running)
All Trails are marked and signed and we are continually improving and adding to our Trails!


There are many activities in the area to keep young and old entertained, from MTB and Running Trails, and other activities.

Entrance : R30.00

At Rocky Bay Resorts Trails, we invite our guests to savor breathtaking views of the South Coast sea and indulge in the crisp, refreshing air. Here, adventurers, whether mountain bikers, trail runners, or those who love leisurely walks, can embark on self-supported journeys. We prioritize the spirit of adventure, but it’s important to acknowledge that venturing onto our trails entails personal risk.



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