Newbery Passion Full Route



Day 1 – Arrive in Paul Roux
Day 2 – 15km to Uniondale Game Farm
Day 3 – 11.5km to Holhoek Game Farm
Day 4 – 27km to Slabberts Farmers Association Hall
Day 5 – 20km to Willowdene Guest Farm
Day 6 – 24km to Uitzicht Guest Farm


Newbery Passion is the full Sungazer Pilgrimage Route and consists of an 11-day, 12-night, circular walk, beginning in the Eastern Free State town of Paul Roux. As you make your way from one section of the route to the next, you will discover how to feel, how to respond, and how to let life in.

A Real Camino Experience in the Untouched Landscape of the Eastern Free State

As you walk along the unbeaten path, every twist along your journey brings a glorious new vista. It’s an adventure for your senses and your spirit. As you feel the gravel crunch beneath your feet, allow yourself to feel your emotions and get to know yourself a little better.

You are the pilgrim, you are the guest. Natural landscapes and local neighbourhoods are your generous hosts. You belong to this process as it belongs to you.



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