Namaqua 4 Day Flower Hike Experience



Day 1: Arrival
Day 2: 14km
Day 3: 17km
Day 4: 15km
Day 5: 14km
Day 6: Breakfast and Good Byes


Hike along the river bed of the magnificent Schaap River in the Canyon as it meanders through a majestic canyon carved by the hands of time. You will see flower covered valleys, rugged mountains, ancient canyons and experience natures’ magical show of colour and beauty during the world’s largest and most spectacular natural flower display

Slackpacking is a new way of hiking the wonderful terrains of the world! In simpler terms, Slack-Packing is an assisted way of hiking where you have a host who carries the burden of your equipment, takes care of your possessions and set up your overnight camps for you. You can just enjoy the hike during the day and we will sort out all the logistics so that when you arrive at our overnight spot you can relax with an ice cold beer.

The Schaap River Canyon is about 70km long in total. It is on the Namakwa Coastal route between Springbok and Kleinsee. It runs over private property only, and permission are obtain from each farmer to be allowed to hike in the Canyon. Namakwa is an arid region of Namibia and South Africa, extending along the west coast over 1,000 kilometres and covering a total area of 440,000 square kilometres. It is divided by the lower course of the Orange River into two portions – Little Namakwa to the south and Great Namakwa to the north. Namakwa remained a very quiet place during the cultural evolution until about 2000 years ago. This was when the Khoikhoi or Nama arrived from the area that now encompasses northern Botswana. The region is known for its cultural history, which was preserved by the Nama and Khoisan tribes. The Nama people are the largest group of Khoikhoi people.



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