Mooikloof Trail



15.9km – Loop – Moderate

Explore this 15.9-kilometer loop trail close to Rietfontein, Gauteng. It’s commonly recognized as a moderately challenging course, with an average completion time of approximately 3 hours and 38 minutes. This trail is well-regarded for its opportunities for birding, road biking, and running.

Just next to Sunninghill, in the little suburb of Paulshof, you will find the 25 hectare green space known as Rietfontein Nature Reserve. It is also where FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is based, who heal and return to the wild a fair number of birds. Some of the species you may see include little swifts, Cape glossy starlings, sacred ibis, southern masked weavers, rock pigeons, black-collared barbets, Cape robin-chats, mousebirds, greater-striped swallows, fiscal flycatchers and many more.



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