Milton Tidal Pool


The Milton Tidal Pool is a natural seawater tidal pool situated at the heart Milton Beach. It is a rocky tidal pool which is very accessible and is particularly popular with families looking for a safe place to swim.

This tidal pool is the perfect swimming spot for kids as it has shallow cool waters. You can also spend your time looking for small sea creatures or you can just simply have fun under the sun.

Aside from safe swimming, Milton Beach also offers exquisite ocean views and a less crowded place for sunbathing. It is also a perfect spot to see the beautiful Cape Town sunset. Facilities in Milton Beach include parking areas and drinking fountains. Pack your swimsuit, apply your sunscreen, grab your snacks and head to Milton Beach for a wonderful picnic day with your family and friends.


  • Swimming
  • Nature appreciation

Facility sizes

862 square metres



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