Magaliesberg Biosphere



11.4km – Castle Gorge – Moderate
7.2km – Krokodil Berg Route – Moderate
6.4km – Iron Throne Purple Trail – Hard
5.6km – Ground Cafe Trail – Moderate
11.1km – Wild Dog – Alpha Female – Moderate
4km – Wild Dog Trail – Moderate
2.1km – Iron Throne Green Trail – Moderate
7.7km – De Wildt Trail – Moderate
2.6km – Iron Throne Blue Route – Moderate
5.6km – Olive Tree Farm Trail – Easy
38.4km – Hartbeespoort Dam Circuit – Moderate
6.3km – New Koster Trail – Moderate


Magaliesberg Biosphere Reserve is a captivating and biodiverse haven in South Africa, offering a majestic blend of geological wonders, cultural heritage, and abundant wildlife.

Welcome to the enchanting Magaliesberg Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO-designated gem nestled in the ancient Magaliesberg mountain range of South Africa. Spanning over 358,000 hectares, this biodiverse wonderland encompasses a myriad of ecosystems, from lush forests and winding rivers to dramatic cliffs and caves. As one of the oldest mountain ranges on Earth, the Magaliesberg Biosphere Reserve holds a rich geological and cultural history, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts, hikers, and those seeking a deeper connection with the natural world. Prepare to be captivated by its beauty, charmed by its wildlife, and inspired by its conservation efforts that aim to preserve this ecological treasure for generations to come.



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