Madonna and Child



8.9km – Loop – Moderate

Embark on an 8.9-kilometer loop trail near Hogsback, Eastern Cape, known for its moderate challenge level. Completing this trail typically takes around 2 hours and 38 minutes, making it a popular choice for both hikers and runners looking to enjoy the scenic beauty of the area.

Enjoy a charming hike that, at times, can be a bit slippery. The journey begins from Away with the Fairies Lodge and leads you mostly downhill and through a stunning forest. Along the way, you’ll encounter numerous picturesque smaller waterfalls that add to the trail’s allure. Despite its appearance on the map, it’s a surprisingly long walk, but the beauty of the surroundings and the constant shade of the forest make it ideal for hiking even in the middle of the day. You’ll find plenty of rock pools for a refreshing dip, and the water is perfectly suitable for drinking. The pinnacle of the experience is undoubtedly the Madonna waterfall, a true highlight of the hike.



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