Limietberg Nature Reserve



8km – Bobejaans River Trail – Moderate (Hiking)
9km – Happy Valley Trail – Easy (Hiking)
7km – Krom River Trail – Easy (Hiking)
7km – Eland River Trail – Moderate (Hiking)
8km – Rockhopper Trail – Hard (Hiking)


Limietberg Nature Reserve presents a stunning array of hikes amid rugged kloofs and valleys, featuring the highest peak, Du Toits Peak, at 1,996m, along with historical treasures like rock art, an abandoned manganese mine, and convict graves along the trails.

Limietberg provides several stunning hiking opportunities that take you through steep canyons and expansive valleys. The pinnacle of the reserve is Du Toits Peak, standing tall at 1,996 meters above sea level. As you explore the trails, you’ll also have the chance to discover a plethora of historical sites, such as ancient rock art, an abandoned manganese mine, and the resting places of convicts who contributed to the construction of the Bainskloof Pass.
Hike  – R50.00 – Adult
            – R30.00 – Children



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