Karkloof Country Club



3km – Trail – Easy (Running & Cycling)
15km – Trail- Moderate (Cycling)
20km – Trail – Easy (Cycling)
23km – Trail – Moderate (Cycling)
28km – Trail – Moderate (Cycling)
30km – Trail – Moderate (Cycling)
37km – Trail – Hard (Cycling)
42km – Trail – Hard (Cycling)
50km – Trail – Hard (Cycling)
5km – Trail – Easy (Running)
10km – Trail – Moderate (Running)
15km – Trail – Hard (Running)



The Karkloof Country Club is a multi-sports club nestled in the heart of the Karkloof Valley in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands

Entrance: R80.00

Once you become familiar with the trails you can explore the other trails to create longer and even more enjoyable routes. The outback trails are as they sound, irregularly maintained and unmarked, but for avid bikers, they are what makes Karkloof exhilarating.



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