Jordan Wine Estate



9.7km – Orange Loop – Easy
30km – Red Loop – Moderate
10km & 19km – Yellow Loop – Moderate
16km & 24km – Green Loop – Moderate
9km – Blue Loop – Moderate
4.5km – Purple Look – Easy

Jordan Wine Estate and their winding trails take you through the Bottelary Hills MTB Trails with vineyards and fauna and flora surrounding the paths.  The Bottlelary Hills Conservancy was opened in April 2011 and has well marked routes with entry via a few controlled access points.

There is some jeep track, single track, windy farm roads or literally riding through the vineyard rows themselves. Different distances to choose from and only R 60 per day, which you can purchase from The Bakery at Jordan.  The different routes include an Orange Loop of 9.7km mainly for beginners; the 30km Red Loop is the main one as it connects all the others and the Yellow loop has a 10km and 19km option.  The Green Loop offers trails from 16km to 24km, and the Blue Loop is 9km with 260m of ascent with steep climbs and fast single track. Or you can opt for the shorter Purple Loop of 4,5km that takes you around Jordan.



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