Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve



6km – Palmiet Trail – Easy (Hiking)
Boland Hiking Trail – Multi day routes
12km – Sphinx Route – Moderate (Hiking)
14km – Orchard Route – Moderate (Hiking)
17.2km – Pofaddenek and Noordekloof – Hard (Hiking)
22km – The Groenland Trail – Moderate (Cycling)


Situated in the stunning Hottentots Holland Mountains, this 70,000-hectare nature reserve, a World Heritage Site, spans from Elgin to Villiersdorp and from Stellenbosch to Groenland Mountains.

Nestled within the grandeur of the Hottentots Holland Mountains, this exquisite nature reserve is situated approximately 90 kilometers to the south-east of Cape Town, South Africa. Encompassing an impressive expanse of 70,000 hectares, the reserve unfolds majestically from the southern reaches of Elgin to the northern extents beyond Villiersdorp. Its sprawling domain extends from the commanding Stellenbosch Mountains in the west, unfurling eastwards until it merges seamlessly with the magnificent Groenland Mountains. Notably, this remarkable expanse of land has garnered recognition as a distinguished World Heritage Site, standing as a testament to the unparalleled natural beauty and ecological significance it embodies. witnessed a positive upturn.

Entrance: – R50.00 – Adult
                     – R30.00 – Children



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