Hornbill Hiking



Baboon Trail
Mountain of Faith Trail



Savor this 5.1-kilometer out-and-back trail near Mogale City NU, Gauteng. It’s typically acknowledged as a moderately challenging path, with an average completion time of about 1 hour and 49 minutes. This trail offers an excellent experience for those who enjoy hiking, running, and walking.

Hornbill Lodge is situated on approximately 10 hectares of probably the most beautiful property in Magaliesburg. There is a path cut all along the riverbanks and you are most welcome to explore and enjoy a walk along the riverbanks. Adjacent to our property next to our entrance is the Mountain of Faith. You are most welcome to extend your walk onto a beautiful path cut all round and over the mountain. For the more adventurous we can arrange a walk onto the mountains on Parnassus farm. The farm is approximately 39 hectares and takes you into “wild” territory. Please arrange and book this particular walk.



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