Holhoek Hiking Trail



7km & 13km



The beauty of the Eastern Free State comes to life as you walk our trail. The farm has a very rich archaeological heritage and is therefore very special and unique. The two day figure of eight trail traverses a variety of terrains including mountain tops, sandstone krans, kloofs and valleys.

Trees in all shades of green or touching autumn colours, mountain streams and ducks on the pond, will speak a language that no one else will understand. One of the 5 caves that are visited on the route is located near a stream and is rich in Bushman rock paintings. The second cave were inhabited at some stage by Iron Age farmers, probably Sotho-speaking people. There are two huts, built against the back wall under the low overhang of the roof, which are close on 200 years old. The next cave is close to the above and is semicircular with a spectacular waterfall and pool at its center. On the second day the cave where the mother of old president PW Botha took shelter during the war is visited. The ruins of several rectangular houses are still visible above the farmhouse, on the route of the hiking trail and probably date to the first white settlement of the farm. Safe bridges built over mountain streams, breathtaking trails through the valleys and ladders up the mountains will not only be an unforgettable memory but an urgent call to come back to Holhoek Hiking Trail.



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