Hayterdale Trails



10km – Green Route – Family Fun (Cycling)
10km – Blue Route – Intermediate (Cycling)
25km – Red Route – Pro Classic Route (Cycling)
21km – Classic Trail Run (Running)
4km – Maroon Route (Hiking)
6km – Green Route (Hiking)
8km – Light Blue Route (Hiking)
10.5km – Yellow Route (Hiking)
21km – White Route (Hiking)



Hayterdale Trails, set in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, offers outdoor enthusiasts a gateway to a remarkable natural landscape brimming with adventure and exploration.

Mountain Biking:

Hayterdale Trails is one of the best mountain bike trails in the Eastern Cape, and becoming well known nationally. You will quickly see why we at Hayterdale trails like to take the word “Breathtaking” both figuratively and literally. The Zuurberg mountains offer many spectacular views that can be seen from the trails and for the riders looking for more of a challenge it only takes one right turn out of the Hayterdale gates to start wanting a little bit more breath.

Trail Running:

Although Hayterdale Trails was founded by mountain bikers, we embrace trail running with open arms and encourage people to try this amazing sport. We want to promote the great aspects that trail running offers and hope that our trails highlight these. Trail running brings you closer to nature than most sports and allows you to be immersed in the natural beauty of the bush. We hope after spending time running these fantastic trails that the Zuurberg mountains have to offer, you will be left wanting more.

The freedom one feels after pulling on a pair running shoes and tackling the Zuurberg mountains while hardly realising the kilometres tick by, is hard to match. Additionally the feeling of reaching the top of the Zuurberg pass or standing on top of the GZT bridge and looking over the orchards, Addo Elephant National Park and Nelson Mandela Bay, makes every visit to Hayterdale worth the trip.

Our hiking routes were designed to start and finish at the same point, so that hikers can do two routes subsequently. We have one route, 8km Light Blue Route, starting from “Bert’s View” half way up the Zuurberg pass for hikers to enjoy the Northern trails of the 21km hike. Our hikes are colour coded and marked with “Feet” signs for route guidance.



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