Gracepoint parkrun


Discover the joy of an invigorating morning run in the heart of Gracepoint at the 5km parkrun, where participants of all ages come together to embrace fitness, friendship, and a vibrant community spirit.

The course is 5000m (5k) long. This has been accurately measured by us with a professional measuring wheel. The course is at Gracepoint Church, Glenferness. The course is run entirely on trail paths. Some sections of the course may accumulate mud, leaves and puddles after rain. Dependent on availability, marshals will be at key sections of the course, or signs will be in place.

Course Description

The finish and the start are very close. We start the event behind the Gracepoint church on the grass surface. Then, a gentle climb until the tarred driveway, where we ascent to the top of the boundary with church on the left on a steep incline completing 300m. This is the apex point, and the steep downhill provides runners recovery opportunity. There is a lot of manoeuvring into the trail, some on soft grass and paved trails. Runners exit through the first gate on the left parallel to the Jukskei River. They run along the fence until the open area, then make U-turn to returning past the first gate now on the old route heading towards the first pylon. We pass the second gate on the right and continue making a U-turn just before the next pylon. Zig-zagging through the trail, we finally head on steep uphill towards the church. Then, a left turn passing the start area in anti-clockwise direction and gentle turn to the right on the grass surface. This is another very steep incline all the way to the top boundary with the church on the right. After making U-turn at the peak of the hill we encounter sharp downhill passing the start area and thus completing 2.5km the first lap. We then proceed to completing the next lap.


Toilet facilities available in the church.

When is it?

Every Saturday at 8:00am.

Where is it?

The event takes place at Gracepoint Church, 125 Duncan Road, Glenferness, 2191



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