Glentana Beach Trail



4.8km – Out & back – Easy

Savour this 4.8-kilometer out-and-back trail located near Herolds Bay, Western Cape. Generally regarded as a straightforward route, it typically takes around 1 hour and 14 minutes to complete. This trail is a well-liked choice for fishing, running, and walking. Feel free to bring your dogs along, but please ensure they are on a leash.

Embark on a splendid coastal stroll along the Glentana shoreline. This walk combines sandy stretches with rocky terrain, and at the journey’s conclusion, you’ll encounter the remnants of an ancient shipwreck. There are fantastic fishing spots along the route, and it’s advisable to time your walk during low tide to avoid potential swimming or rock-climbing challenges on your return. This trail is also suitable for young children, making it a family-friendly adventure.



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