Gamkaberg Nature Reserve



0.7km – Guarrie Trail – Easy (Hiking)
2.5km – Mousebird Trail (Short Heritage Trail) – Easy (Hiking)
4.1km – Pied Barbet (Long Heritage trail)- Moderate (Hiking)
14.4km – To Overhang and Back – Hard (Hiking)
29km – Boesmanskloof 2-Day Trail – Hard (Hiking)
25.3km – Tierkloof Multi-day – Hard 2days (Hiking)


The Gamkaberg and Rooiberg, both enigmatic, seem to have formed as one across the plains of the Little Karoo, with the Gamka range standing alone, its name originating from the Khoisan word “gami” for lion – where the extinct Cape Lion once roamed; today a World Heritage Site, the Gamkaberg Nature Reserve, established in 1974, safeguards a small group of endangered Cape mountain zebra, whose population has grown through targeted conservation efforts.

The enigmatic Gamkaberg, accompanied by the equally enigmatic Rooiberg, seem to have been deposited as a single entity over the expanse of the lowlands in the Little Karoo region. Gamka stands as an isolated mountain range, with its name drawing from the Khoisan term “gami,” signifying lion. This nomenclature reflects the historical presence of the Cape Lion, a species now extinct, which once roamed these grounds with remarkable prowess.

As humanity advanced into these territories, the lions tactfully retreated, allowing human civilization to flourish. In 1974, the Gamkaberg Nature Reserve was established, a sanctuary that has since earned the distinction of being a World Heritage Site. Its primary purpose was to safeguard a dwindling group of endangered Cape mountain zebra. In 1976, their count stood at a mere five individuals. Fortunately, due to concentrated conservation efforts, which included the strategic translocation of these animals to both private and national nature reserves, their population witnessed a positive upturn.

Entrance: – R50.00 – Adult
                     – R30.00 – Children



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