Diamond Coast Hiking Trail



Day 1 – 12-15km
Day 2 – 12km
Day 3 – 17-19km



The Diamond Coast Hiking Trail in the Namaqua National Park in the Northern Cape province was launched in 2010 with the aim of giving explorers a chance to access areas that were previously off limits to the public due to mining activity.

Trail details

  • Guided – FGASA Level I, Marine Level I, First Aid Level III, DEAT accredited guide.
  • Three-day, self-carrying hike.
  • Self-Catering.
  • Physical fitness is essential: soft sand, low shrubbery, beach walking, sections of harder surface, rocky terrain.
  • No shade on trial, but temperate climate and Atlantic Ocean breeze even things out.
  • No drinking water on trial.
  • Use general ‘bush toilet ethics’ on trial.
  • Possible dangers that could be encountered: venomous snakes, spiders, scorpions, thorny vegetation, uneven terrain, heat exhaustion and exposure to wind, sun and cooking on open fire.



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