Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge



5.3km, 4.8km (shortcut) – Klipspringer Trail – Hard
5.3km – Kudu Trail – Moderate
4.8km – Waterbuck Trail – Easy
5.3km – Bushbuck Trail – Moderate


Let your senses come alive and your soul be revitalised. With mystical forests, breathtaking views and the sounds of nature all around you, the magic of Crystal Springs is yours to discover.

It is best to walk early in the morning when it is cool and you are most likely to see game. There is a possibility of seeing game on all trails, but this depends on you. Wearing bright clothing, walking noisily and chatting loudly, will reduce your chance of seeing game. The best trail for game viewing is the Kudu Trail. If you decide to walk in the afternoon, make sure you have enough time to get back before dark. Sunset is at 18:45 in midsummer and 17:00 in midwinter. Make sure that you take enough water, a hat, sunscreen and a cell phone. The air here is thin at these high altitudes and you may burn quickly, even on a cool day. Hiking sticks are available from the games room. Please return them when you have completed your walk. Keep in mind that you will be walking in a nature reserve. Destruction of vegetation and picking of flowers is forbidden. Stay on the path and have consideration for all wild creatures, large and small. Please do not start any fires and do not litter.



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