Cape Recife Peninsula Trail



7.2km – Loop – Moderate


Uncover a 7.2-kilometer loop trail in the vicinity of Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, which is typically viewed as a moderately challenging route. Completing this trail usually takes around 1 hour and 42 minutes, making it an excellent choice for both birdwatching enthusiasts and hikers seeking an enjoyable outdoor adventure.

The trail commences at the entrance gate of the Nature Reserve and unfolds along pristine, untouched beaches, showcasing natural dune vegetation, rocky formations, a historic lighthouse dating back to 1851, a vintage military observation post, and a bird hide. The Cape Recife Nature Reserve is celebrated as one of the top bird-watching destinations in the vicinity of Port Elizabeth.

To access the reserve, you can obtain entrance permits conveniently from Pine Lodge Resort, situated at the entrance of Cape Recife Nature Reserve. Please note that entry requires a valid permit, and diving equipment is not permitted within the reserve to ensure safety and adherence to regulations.



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