Black Mamba Trail



5.8km – Loop – Moderate

Discover this 5.8-km loop trail in Jeffrey’s Bay, Eastern Cape. Generally regarded as a moderately challenging route, it’s an excellent trail for mountain biking.

The Mamba trail offers an exhilarating experience for mountain biking enthusiasts who have honed their technical skills. This single-track XC trail presents a thrilling challenge with steep descents and ascents, making it ideal for riders who are technically accomplished and seeking an adrenaline rush. As you navigate the Mamba, you’ll find yourself weaving through a captivating landscape that includes both wattle and indigenous forests. Be prepared for numerous creek crossings, where sturdy bridges await to guide you through, and tricky root beds that seem ready to test the mettle of any rider who isn’t up for the task.

Access to the Mamba trail is exclusively reserved for permit holders of the esteemed 3 Rivers Trails, ensuring that riders can fully immerse themselves in this demanding yet rewarding adventure. Whether you’re conquering the descents, tackling the challenging root sections, or relishing the serene moments in the midst of the forested beauty, the Mamba trail promises an unforgettable journey for those who are up to the challenge. So, gear up, get your permit, and get ready to test your skills on this technically demanding and exhilarating mountain biking trail.



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