Wille Willemien Walking Pilgrimage



89km – 4 days and 5 nights



Wille Willemien covers 89km of the Sungazer Pilgrimage Route and consists of 4-days and 5-nights. As you journey via country paths, gravel roads, and natural trails, you’ll get a unique perspective on this beautiful region. Each new day gives you the opportunity to connect with Nature and your thoughts.

 A South African Camino Experience You’ll Never Forget

This adventure will linger in your mind long after you’ve returned to your normal routine at home, at work, in the “real world”. You’ll find yourself feeling more at ease and more yourself. This part of the Free State sticks with you.

The quiet of the veld, the warmth of the sun, the peace and serenity envelope you and go with you as you journey onward. 



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