Thendele Camp to Gudu Falls Pool



10.9km – Out & back – Hard

Experience the scenic 10.9-kilometer round-trip trail located in the vicinity of Okhahlamba NU, Kwazulu-Natal. Widely recognized as a demanding course, it typically requires approximately 4 hours and 3 minutes to finish. This trail is a well-liked choice for enthusiasts of birdwatching, hiking, and running.

From Thendele take the path past Tiger Falls to the Gudu Bush. Soon after the stream is crossed a path to the left will be seen which leads to these magnificent falls. Continue on past the turn to the Mudslide and into the forest. Turn right at the signpost and follow the steep path above and out of sight of the stream for about I600 metres, when the Gudu Falls will be reached. Even though paths are marked, you need to be prepared, you need to take loads of water, you need snacks for sustenance, and you really and truly need a great pair of hiking shoes or boots. Don’t forget to sign the hiking register before you leave. There is one located in the Thendele camp by the visitor’s centre. There is one in the car park, and one at Mahai campsite, and another in the campsite parking lot. Take the tear-off slip with you as it has emergency numbers on it in case you get into trouble. Don’t forget to sign back in too.



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