The Aloe trail



7.8km – Loop – Easy


The Aloe trail is a breath-taking experience that will leave nature lovers and more specifically birdwatchers in awe. The circular route of the trail takes hikers through the escarpment overlooking Amsterdamhoek and the Swartkops Estuary and returns through the mesmerising valley bushveld on the plateau.

A stunning display of Aloe plugins awaits hikers at the start of the trail during June/July, attracting the delightful sunbirds. From the top of the escarpment, the breathtaking views of the Zwartkops estuary and the surrounding area are awe-inspiring.

The Aloe Trail comprises two trails, the 2km Pluridens Trail and a longer 5km Lineata Trail. The Trails start at the top of Tippers Creek Road, between Amsterdamhoek and Bluewater Bay. The trail route goes via the escarpment overlooking Amsterdamhoek, returning through Valley Thicket on the plateau. Amsterdamhoek is named after a Dutch man-of-war, the Amsterdam, which ran aground near the mouth of the Swartkops River on 16 December 1817.



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