Summerplace Game Reserve



70+km of Trails – Easy-Hard (Hiking, Running & Cycling)


Not only are our mountain bike trails world class, but our entire culture at Summerplace Game Reserve is built around mountain biking.

There is no lack of intriguing paths to explore, spanning from gentle and stable to steep and rugged. Summerplace Game Reserve offers an unparalleled paradise for trail running, hiking, and biking enthusiasts. The reserve boasts a diverse selection of marked routes and individual trails tailored to riders of all levels, from beginners to experts. With ample distances that keep marathon and stage-race riders engaged for hours, as well as stimulating ascents and descents that challenge XCO and Enduro racers, the reserve truly caters to every rider’s preference. Additionally, there are milder, low-risk trails ideal for leisurely social rides.



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