Secunda Green Belt Loop



10.6km – Loop – Moderate

Explore this 10.6-kilometer loop trail located near Secunda, Mpumalanga. It’s typically regarded as a moderately challenging route and usually takes about 2 hours and 25 minutes to complete. This trail is a popular choice for mountain biking and running. Feel free to bring your dogs along; they can be off-leash in certain sections.

Easy and enjoyable trail run, you are sure to meet other fitness enthusiasts, enjoying a walk, run or cycling. At Lake Umuzi, there is safe fishing with two well-stocked dams. Access to both dams is controlled and is fenced for your protection. The lower dam with its magnificent Sunset vistas is exclusive for the use of guests of Lake Umuzi Kamp Oase Caravan Resort and Umuzi Lodge Accommodation, which borders the dam. The Lake Umuzi lower dam is also known as the Specimen-dam and is located in the Secunda Bird Sanctuary.



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