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This weekly event welcomes runners and walkers of all ages and abilities to enjoy a refreshing 5-kilometer journey amidst picturesque surroundings. Join us as we come together for fitness, friendship, and the sheer joy of embracing an active and healthy lifestyle.

The course is 5000m (5k) long. This has been accurately measured by us with a professional measuring wheel. The course is at Red Star Raceway, Delmas. The course is run on a mixture of tarmac paths and trail paths. Some sections of the course may accumulate mud, leaves and puddles after rain. Dependent on availability, marshals will be at key sections of the course, or signs will be in place.

Course Description

Route starts under the start banner of the Red Star Raceway Race Track and carries on on the tarred Racetrack for 1km, after which it goes off road on an easy, well cleared trail around the race track (a safe distance off the track, as weekly races start at 09h00 on the Raceway), the route takes participants all the way around the bottom of the property which is closed off with high security fencing back to the top of the property and ends on a paved walkway with enough space for the finish. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed at this event.


The facility is a well established racetrack, with modern, clean ablution facilities as well as showers, swimming pool, kids play area, trampolines and overnight accommodation including camping facilities.

When is it?

Every Saturday at 8:00am

Where is it?

The event takes place at Red Star Raceway, N12, Zonderfout Farm I226, Portion 5, Delmas 2210



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