Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve



7km – Hoopoe Falls Trail- Moderate (Hiking)
5km – Nkonka Trail – Moderate (Hiking)
1km – Baboob View Trail – Easy (Hiking)
1.5km – Samango River Trail – Easy (Hiking)
9km – View Trail – Moderate (Hiking)
4.5km – Horseman's Point – Moderate (Hiking)

The Oribi Gorge area boasts cliffs and forests and spectacular hiking trails and idyllic picnic sites. It is dramatic in its scale and spectacularly beautiful in its variety.

Entrance: R10.00

Oribi Gorge is a breathtaking canyon located in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The gorge offers stunning natural beauty and a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking trails.



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