Old Mill Drift



11.37km – White Trail – Moderate (Hiking & Running)
1.97km – Green Trail – Moderate (Hiking & Running)
5.62km – Yellow Trail – Moderate (Hiking)
1.39km – Orange Trail – Moderate (Hiking & Running)
2.42km – Pink Trail – Moderate (Hiking)
4.6km – Blue Trail – Moderate (Hiking & Running)
5.11km – Light Blue Trail – Moderate (Hiking & Running)
7.8km – Red Trail – Moderate (Hiking & Running)



Nestled by the enchanting Magalies River, Old Mill Drift near Magaliesburg exudes a serene ambiance, inviting travelers to unwind in the embrace of nature’s tranquility.

Whether you are seeking an adrenalin rush with your machine on one of our trails, adventure trail running, hiking, walking your dog in the mountains or chilling on your veranda, you are bound to be exhilarated by the picturesque beauty of the farm’s views and landscapes. Put on your hiking boots or jump on your vehicle and you are on a myriad of trails right from your door.

Adventure Trail Running
Immersed in land that is flat, rugged, rolling, open, wooded, gorged with mountains and lakes, waterfalls and rivers, there is certainly something for every level of runner. Whether you yearn to simply reconnect to source and take in breath catching views or seek great adventure and certainly challenge, our mountains are sure not to disappoint. You are most welcome to bring your furry friend to run with you. Our longest trail is a 54km run with a 2.1 km elevation.

Mountain Biking
Our mountain biking trails are a work in progress but we are sure that you if you have an adventurous exploring spirit, you will be well rewarded. With over 665ha to explore, whether you care for a gentle bumble along our 14km of river frontage or seek big climbs for those in rigorous training, you are sure not to be disappointed.



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