Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve



2km – Breakfast Rock Trail – Easy (Hiking & Running)
6km – Uitkyk Trail – Moderate (Hiking & Running)
13km – Du Toits kop Trail – Moderate (Hiking & Running)
2.5km – Vista Trail – Moderate (Hiking & Running)
1.5km – Manganese Trail – Moderate (Hiking & Running)
22km – Cat's Path Trail – Moderate (Hiking & Running)
3.5km – Winelands Trail – Moderate (Hiking & Running)
1 km – Aalwynkop Trail – Easy (Hiking & Running)


Looking for optimal trails in Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve for adventurous hikes or family outings? Excellent options catering to hiking, birdwatching, walking, and beyond, offering meticulously crafted trail maps, accompanied by reviews and photos contributed by fellow nature enthusiasts.

Located to the east of Cape Town within the Franschhoek Mountains, the Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve stands as a stunning haven of natural beauty. The reserve boasts extensive trail networks catering to individuals of various fitness levels. Like many other South African reserves, this destination presents a diverse array of distinctive plant life and rare wildlife species for visitors to discover.
Entrance:  R70.00 Adults – Free Children under 12 years 



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