Maluti Mountain Camino



Day 1 – Arrive in Paul Roux & transport to The Fat Mulberry Guest Farm
Day 2 – 18.5km to Mafube Mountain Retreat
Day 3 – 8.74km to Lesoba Guest Farm
Day 4 – 17.58km to Barbet Country Cottages or Omega Luxury Mountain Retreat
Day 5 – 17.17km to Old Mill Drift Guest Farm
Day 6 – Drive to Paul Roux


The Maluti Mountain Camino covers 47km between Fouriesburg and Clarens and consists of a 4-day, guided walk.  You’ll gain a new perspective on this lovely region as you travel via country walks, dirt roads, and natural trails. Each new day offers the chance to commune with Nature and discover new facets of inner self.

This adventure will stay with you long after you’ve resumed your regular schedule at home and at work. You’ll be back in the “real world” yet you’ll carry the heart of the Free State with you.

The tranquility and serenity of the veld, the warmth of the sun, and the silence of the veld surround you and accompany you on your journey. You’ll start to feel more relaxed and at peace. As much as it is an outer voyage, this is the beginning of a new inward adventure.



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