Lonehill parkrun


Embark on a refreshing morning run amidst the natural beauty of Lonehill Park Dam at the 5km parkrun, where participants gather to celebrate fitness, camaraderie, and the serene surroundings of the park.

The course is 5000m (5k) long. This has been accurately measured by us with a professional measuring wheel. The course is at Lonehill Park Dam, Lonehill, Johannesburg. The course is run on a mixture of trails, grass and paved paths. Some sections of the course may accumulate mud, leaves and puddles after rain. Dependent on availability, marshals will be at key sections of the course, or signs will be in place.

Course Description

This is a 2 lap clockwise course designed to keep plenty of wide running space to cater for the free-flow of the fast and slow.
The start of the course begins at the entrance to the Lonehill Koppie Nature Reserve, in the Lonehill Park, 30 metres south of the traffic circle at the end of Calderwood Road and follows 250m of gently climbing paved path to Crestwood Drive at the Lonehill Village Church. Here the course u-turns for 250m downhill to the back of the Lonehill Shopping Centre and veers left gently uphill for 550m up a wide bridle-path to another Crestwood Drive u-turn point at the iconic Happy Rock. Then it is back downhill for 600m to where the course veers right for a gentle climb back up to the Lonehill Village Church at Crestwood Drive. Follow the paved path in a northerly direction to the Lonehill Lake where you will be guided to veer right on the lawn north of the Lake. Follow the course markings and turn right back onto the paved path. In 40 metres you will reach the start line. Repeat the course for your second lap. As you finish this second lap you will veer slightly left and see the finish line ahead.


Toilets and shops at Lonehill Shopping Centre.
Parking is available on the upper level of Lonehill Shopping Centre.

When is it?

Every Saturday at 8:00am.

Where is it?

The event takes place at Lonehill Park Dam, Lonehill Boulevard, Lonehill, Johannesburg, 2062.



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