Lonehill Koppie



1.1km – Out & back – Moderate

Embark on a journey along this 1.1-kilometer out-and-back trail in the vicinity of Johannesburg, Gauteng. This trail is typically seen as moderately challenging and usually takes about 18 minutes to traverse. It’s a well-frequented path for both hikers and casual walkers.

Lonehill Koppie is a striking natural gem, a solitary hill rising amidst the suburban landscape, approximately 28 kilometers to the north of the city center. It serves as a vivid reminder of Johannesburg’s pre-settlement appearance – a landscape characterized by rocky terrain, meandering streams, scattered shrubs, small trees, and knee-high grasses. In earlier times, guinea fowl and porcupines freely roamed this area, but today, it’s home to numerous dassies. Not far from the Koppie, about 200 meters to the north, you’ll find Lonehill Loch, a serene small dam. This space is a cherished destination for local residents, drawing them in for leisurely walks and moments of tranquility.



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