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24km – Trail Run I – Moderate (Running)
22.8km – Trail Run II – Moderate (Running)
6.5 km – The Kloof Trail – Easy/Moderate (Hiking)
8km – The Koperspruit Trail – Moderate (Hiking)
11.3km – The Mountain Trail – Moderate/Hard (Hiking)
10.2km – The Melkrivier Trail – Moderate/Hard (Hiking)
650m – The Aardvark Trail – Easy (Hiking)
1km – The Tree Walk – Easy (Hiking)
8 stretches of single track (50kms) – Easy/Moderate/Hard (Cycling)

Lindani Game and Lodges offer a dynamic outdoor experience, inviting enthusiasts to engage in hiking, trail running, and mountain biking amidst the captivating wilderness of their pristine surroundings.


Hiking on Lindani is one of the best ways to explore the farm’s beautiful and diverse topography: from open savannah bushveld, streams and towering sandstone to cliffs, to delicate lichen-covered rocks. The trails have a wide range of plant/ tree species and provide excellent game-viewing and bird-watching opportunities.

There are four spectacular circular routes ranging from 6km to 12km, as well as a 1km out and back Tree Walk. The trails are well-marked and are also available on the Trailforks App, where you can track your GPS location while hiking. Guided hikes are also available. Please contact the Office for prices and bookings.


It would be hard to beat Lindani’s Trail Running. The extensive hiking and mountain biking trails together with the farm roads provide trail runners with endless choices to plan their routes. Trail runners can choose to follow 8-25kms of marked trail running routes, or plan their own routes by making use of marked hiking or mountain biking trails. There are also recommended routes on the Trailforks App.


Mountain Biking on Lindani offers riders a unique opportunity to experience riding through pristine Waterberg Bushveld amongst an array of wildlife. Natural single track, combined with farm roads, make up a multitude of stunning routes that cater for all levels. From each lodge, there are routes of various difficulties and distances tailored for children, beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. Routes are designed to be ridden in one direction and are well marked with arrows and numbers. The design of the trails, the beautiful scenery, the plentiful game and the complete sense of isolation from the outside world all make mountain biking at Lindani a unique adventure. For those wanting to do gravel riding, there are gravel roads outside the farm that are quiet, in good condition and explore the spectacular Waterberg scenery.

All the MTB routes are marked and are also available on the Trailforks App.



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