Klipspringer Hiking Trail



Day 1 – 14.4km – Hard
Day 2 – 9.9km – Hard
Day 3 – 11.5km – Hard



The Klipspringer Hiking Trail is well worth doing especially if done in conjunction/ en route to another trail such as the Fish River Canyon or Oorlogskloof.  The area is dry and rugged and demands a fair degree of fitness from the hiker.

Open from 1 April – 14 October each year..
..Due to heat..

The Augrabies Falls National Park is situated in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. The falls and gorge were formed over millions of years as the mighty Orange River eroded its way through the granite rock that lay in its path to the southern Atlantic ocean. The Orange River drains a vast area of Southern Africa, stretching from the mountains of Lesotho in the east and includes the Vaal catchments area of the Free State and the southern part of Gauteng.

The trail is of three days duration and should be considered as moderate to strenuous especially during the hotter months of the year. In fact, the trail is closed from 15 October to the end of March because of the extreme heat experienced in the area.

The Klipspringer Hiking Trail consists of three days of hiking. The first day is 14.4km long; the second day, 9.9km and the third and last day 11.5km. Even though the first day is the longest, the second day is probably the most difficult regarding the heat, while the third day is the least demanding. As the hike is quite demanding, it is necessary to plan for quit a rigorous trip.



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