Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve



5.5km – Klipriviersberg Bloubos Trail – Easy
7.6km – Bloubos, Beacon, Ray's Ruins, and Kiepersol Trail Loop – Moderate
7.6km – Bloubos Trail (West) and Western Scenic Trail Loop – Moderate
12.2km – Dassie, Gifbol, Kiepersol, Ruins Loop – Moderate
15.9km – Wildlife Loop – Hard
11.6km – Klipriviersberg Outer Loop – Moderate
10.6km – Klipriviersberg Loop via Silent pool – Moderate
5.3km – Bloubos Trail and Beacon Trail Loop – Moderate
17.4km – Klipriviersberg Loop – Hard
7.7km – Klipriviers Trail – Moderate
5.5km – Impala Trail – Moderate
1.4km – Gifbol Trail – Easy



With its diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife, and well-maintained trails, Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve beckons nature enthusiasts, hikers, and cyclists to immerse themselves in its tranquil embrace.

As you wander along the meandering trails, you’ll be captivated by the striking vistas of rolling hills, rocky outcrops, and grassy plains. Encounter a variety of indigenous flora, from acacia trees to delicate wildflowers, creating a picturesque tapestry that changes with the seasons. Birdsong fills the air, as the reserve is a haven for avid birdwatchers, offering the chance to spot numerous species that call this sanctuary home.

Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve is also dedicated to conservation and preservation efforts, making it a valuable educational destination. The interpretive signage along the trails provides insight into the local biodiversity and the rich history of the area, offering a unique opportunity to learn about the interconnectedness of the natural world.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful escape from the city, a family-friendly outing, or a chance to reconnect with nature, Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve promises an enriching and revitalising experience. So, come and explore this urban wilderness, and let the serenity and splendour of Klipriviersberg capture your heart and soul.



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