Hayterdale Trails



4km – Maroon Route – Easy (Hiking)
6km – Green Route – Easy (Hiking)
11km – Yellow Route – Moderate (Hiking)
8km – Light Blue – Moderate (Hiking)
21km – White Route – Hard (Hiking)
21km – Hayterdale Trail – Moderate (Running)
Marathon Routes
10km – Green Route – Easy (Cycling)
10km – Blue Route – Moderate (Cycling)
25km – Red Route – Hard (Cycling)



Hayterdale, nestled in the Zuurberg Mountains of the Addo Region, was established by the Hayter brothers, who come from a long line of Zuurberg Mountain farmers. Situated close to Addo National Elephant Park and Zuurberg Hotel, it boasts approximately 50km of trails for mountain biking, running, and hiking. This varied terrain provides an exceptional outdoor adventure and is South Africa’s hidden gem for mountain biking enthusiasts.

Nestled within the Zuurberg Mountains, at the very core of the Addo Region in the Eastern Cape, lies Hayterdale—an enchanting haven born from the vision of brothers Rob and Trevor Hayter. With a longstanding family tradition of tending to the fertile lands of the Zuurberg Mountains since the 1950s, they laid the foundation for this remarkable retreat.

Situated merely 10 kilometers away from the sprawling expanse of the Addo National Elephant Park and a mere 5 kilometers from the renowned Zuurberg Hotel, Hayterdale enjoys a truly privileged location. Its proximity to these landmarks grants visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich natural wonders of the region.

Spanning over approximately 50 kilometers, Hayterdale unfolds a tapestry of mountain biking, running, and hiking trails, each one weaving through a dynamic and diverse terrain. This varied landscape offers an unparalleled outdoor encounter, encapsulating the very essence of adventure. Widely regarded as South Africa’s best-kept secret among mountain biking enthusiasts, Hayterdale’s trails beckon riders to discover the thrill of unexplored paths and untouched vistas.

In essence, Hayterdale stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of nature and human endeavor. The brothers’ commitment to preserving the legacy of their family’s agricultural heritage has evolved into a sanctuary for those who seek communion with the land and its untamed beauty.

Entrance: – R40.00 – Adult
                     – R40.00 – Children



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