Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve



10km – Bushbuck Trail – Easy (Hiking)
15km – Grysboksirkel – Moderate (Hiking)
6km – Cycle Trail – Moderate (Cycling)
Newly-Built Swimming Pool
3-5km – Duivenhoks River – Easy (Hike/Swimming)


The Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve, initially called Melkhoutskraal, is a 250-hectare indigenous forest in the Langeberg region near Heidelberg, named “big father” in tribute to former owner Roelof Oelofse (1723), designated a reserve in 1986, and granted World Heritage Site status in 2004.

Nestled within the embrace of the Langeberg region’s rolling landscapes, the Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve stands as a living chronicle of time, a sanctuary of biodiversity that traces its roots back to the 18th century. Its journey from Melkhoutskraal to a revered World Heritage Site is a narrative of conservation, appreciation, and recognition of the intrinsic value of our natural heritage. This natural haven has gracefully evolved from its historical roots. While it had humble beginnings as Melkhoutskraal, a name that whispered of its early associations with milkwood harvesting, it has since blossomed into the treasured Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve we know today. It was in the year 1986 that this area transformed into a protected sanctuary, recognized officially as a nature reserve. This conservation effort paved the way for safeguarding the incredible biodiversity harbored within its ancient woodland.
Entrance: – R50.00 – Adult
                     – R30.00 – Children



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