Giba Gorge



2.5km – Trail – Easy (Running)
5km – Trail – Moderate (Running)
45km of Trails for Running & Cycling
5km – First Waterfall – Easy (Hiking)
8.5km – Second Waterfall – Moderate (Hiking)
7km – The Fire Lookout Hut – Moderate (Hiking)


Hidden in the Giba Valley alongside the N3 freeway, just outside Pinetown, lies Giba Gorge Adventure Park. Here you will find a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with something suitable for all abilities and ages.

Entrance Mountain Bikes: R90.00 Adults

R60.00 Children (Under 12yrs)

Park Visitors: R 40.00

The Giba Business Park grew out of the rehabilitation process of the quarry operation but the heart or should we say (green) lung of the Giba group has always been the network of trails that crisscross the park.



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