De Hoop Nature Reserve



6km – De Hoop Klipspringer Trail – Moderate (Hiking)
10km – De Hoop Potberg Trails – Hard (Hiking)
55+km – The Whale Trail – Hard 5 days – (Hiking)
Swimming in Rock Pools
Mountain Bike Trails in reserve


De Hoop Nature Reserve, is a captivating coastal oasis with a Mediterranean climate, diverse flora, abundant migrating bird populations, and the renowned 55-km Whale Trail, offering breathtaking coastal views.

Located in proximity to Cape Agulhas, about a three-hour drive from Cape Town, De Hoop Nature Reserve stands as a picturesque coastal sanctuary. Positioned close to the southernmost tip of Africa, this reserve experiences a Mediterranean climate and boasts a rich variety of flora. Enthusiastic bird watchers are treated to the sight of plentiful migratory bird populations in this area.

Encompassing an expansive 340 square kilometers, the reserve also proudly features the renowned Whale Trail. Spanning a distance of 55 kilometers over multiple days, this backpacking trail provides awe-inspiring coastal vistas that captivate visitors.

Entrance: – R50.00 – Adult
                     – R30.00 – Children



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