Cannon Rocks Trail



7km – Loop – Moderate


The Cannon Trail is 7km in length, almost equally divided between the coastal forest & beach sections. Starting from the cannons, the Trail is an easy 2-3 hour circular walk on a well-maintained forest path & returns back along the beach

The forest is a dense mosaic of multi-stemmed trees & shrubs varying between 3-8m high, characterised by Brachylena discolour, Pterocelastrus tricuspidatus & Euclea natalensis among others. Animals of all major species may be encountered during your walk. For instance the Knysna turaco is readily seen inland and the African black oystercatcher on the shore. Within the woodland look out for the endemic Forest shrew, Blue duiker, Leopard toad, Angulate tortoise & Bushbuck & spy the Humpback whale, dolphins and seals off the coast.

You are advised to wear a hat & sensible walking shoes, apply sun block, carry water & time your walk at low tide to take advantage of the hard sand as you return along the beach. When you exit the Trail on the west, walk a short distance to the south west to skirt a patch of bush before turning south towards the sea at Cape Padrone



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