Cannibal Hiking Trail



Day 1 – 9km
Day 2 – 7.5km


It is a 2-day hiking trail.  The 1st day is 9km and the 2nd day is 7,5km.  A walk to the Mushroom Rock adds an optional extension of 2,5km on the 2nd day.

The route takes you through differing landscapes, from stunning mountain views to river walks, forest ambles to boulder hopping in and along gorges.  This beautiful farm is situated in the Rooi and Witte Berg Mountains of the Eastern Free State.  This is a hikers’ hike, well-marked and provides all the amenities that a hiker demands, with numerous picnic spots, a swimming hole, interesting scenery, and a level of hiking that fits the serious hikers but not too strenuous for the beginner hiker.  On the 1st day the trail passes 5 overhang caves with rock ‘kraals’ where there are remains of bushman paintings in some of them.  One passes the Batwing Falls on the way.

The 2nd day offers breath-taking views of the Malutis, as well as Mt. Horeb, Woodhouse, Generaalskop, Visierskerf and George’s Pimple.  Then you will descend and walk through a valley along a mountain stream. The trail to the famous Mushroom Rock is a separate 1½ hour hike and can be done on the way back from the Cannibal Trail.



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