Bike Park



Cycle Lab Skills Area – Beginner
Mini-Skills – Beginner
Jump Tracks – Beginner / Intermediate
Pump Track – Beginner
Kiddies Track – Beginner
Jungle Book – Beginner
Magical Forest – Beginner
Advanced Skills Section – Intermediate/Expert
Beacons Inca Continues
Amazon – Intermediate
Berm Baby Berm – Beginner/Intermediate/Expert
Spaghetti Junction – Beginner/Intermediate/Expert
Everglades – Intermediate
Inca – Intermediate/Expert


The CycleLab Bike Park is Gauteng’s home of adventure and skills for mountain bikers, trail runners, corporate events and kid’s parties. Whether you’re a member, visiting for the day, renting a bike or testing out your new 29er – there is something here for everyone.

The winding 13km’s of well-maintained trails designed by South Africa’s leading MTB course designer and trail builder, Hylton Turvey, offer a world of adventure and cater for cycling enthusiast of all ability. The International Mountain Bike Association Trail Grading System or IMBA is used to designate the trail difficulty at the Cycle Lab Bike Park. At the entrance of each trial, a numerical value designates the difficulty of each trail with one being the easiest and five being the most difficult. Green One, the easiest trail and Black Five, the most difficult. All the trails, begin and end on the bi-directional perimeter road, which offers 4kms of non-technical riding and means you can take a spin with the kids or warm up the legs before hitting the trails.



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