2,5km – Easy to Moderate (Hiking & Running)
Routes that vary from 10km – Easy to Hard (Cycling)



Avianto, nestled in the picturesque Muldersdrift area, is a captivating venue that seamlessly blends luxury, natural beauty, and elegant architecture to create a truly enchanting setting for events and getaways.

Running and walking trails are ideal for a fantastic day out in the countryside.  Approximately 5km of scenic routes offers a great exercise option regardless of your level of fitness. Our trails are pet friendly and your fur-babies are welcome to join you.  Remember a lead and a poop scoop.

Mountain Bike Trails are part of the Fedgroup Trails and offer a combination of routes that vary from 10km of simple jeep track for the beginners to ones that are over 80% single-track, all well maintained. As a beginner more challenging loops can easily be added as skill levels and fitness increase. 
Trail Runners are welcome.




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